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      Hello there DR Hubbard, I have had the T since the end of last November and I think like you in your early days have found this very hard to cope with and have had some very anxious and dark days and moments.

      I have been working hard to try to say to myself that hopefully one day things will get better and try not to let it get in the way of my life, that I am not ill and to get rid of as many negative thoughts as possible as this is I know is one of the first steps to get in your head re the TRT therapy.

      My question to you is what your thoughts are on the TRT route generally and apart from some good counselling( I hopefully will be going to see someone soon in London here that DR Nagler spoke highly off ) is there anything else that I can be doing to get to that eventual habituation state, as I hope that with positive thoughts and thinking it will get me going in the right direction.

      What do you think ?

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      Hey Freddie
      In addition to managing your emotional response through cognitive restructuring, and engaging in TRT, you can practice mindfulness of sound, including tinnitus sounds. Mindfulness both softens your experience of the sounds and provides exposure, an effective cognitive behavioral technique for promoting habituation to anxiety cues. You can read more about this in my Tinnitus Talk bio. There are many qualified CBT therapists in London who can help you with this. However, be ready for the likelihood that they will not understand tinnitus, which will require your patience.
      Best Wishes,
      Dr Hubbard

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