TRT vs Neuromonics vs Acoustic CR Neuromodulation?

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by LondonGirl, Apr 14, 2014.

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    1. LondonGirl

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      Hi Dr Nagler
      Thank you for looking at TRT vs Neuromonics; I will be really interested to read your thoughts. I am based in the UK and I don't think Neuromonics is available here yet? At the risk of complicating your comparative analysis, would you give your thoughts on Acoustic Co-Ordinated Neuromodulation too? Is it essentially the same as the Oasis option in Neuromonics?
      Currently Acoustic CR Neuromodulation is only available in one private clinic in the UK for c. £4,500, but there is a clinical trial underway, described by the British Tinnitus Association as below. If it proves successful it may lead to the NHS (our 'free' national health service) offering it. From what I understand, the company marketing the treatment claim it can change the actual tinnitus signal, which helps with facilitating habituation (easier to habituate to a less high-pitched, softer sound). Whereas from what I understand of TRT, the tinnitus signal is what it is, and TRT facilitates habituation without claiming to change the signal. I think you may say who cares, as long as you habituate! And what is the difference between reality and perception? But it would be great to have your thoughts on this as I think I would find it easier to habituate to a less shrill, softer sound than my current T.
      Thank you in anticipation

      "The trial will evaluate the effects of this new therapy on 100 participants by measuring changes in the reported severity of tinnitus, changes in the quality (pitch, loudness) of tinnitus, and whether there are changes in the patterns of brain activity associated with tinnitus. For the first part of the trial, a 12 weeks ‘randomised controlled trial’, participants will be randomly allocated to either a treatment group or to a placebo group."
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      "Is [Acoustic CR Neuromodulation] essentially the same as the Oasis option in Neuromonics?"

      Here's what I know from their website: Acoustic CR Neuromodulation is definitely not the same as the Oasis option in Neuromonics.

      Here's what I don't know from their website: I don't know anything else about Acoustic CR Neuromodulation. I don't even know enough to make a guess - and I have a very good imagination!!! For all I know, it might be the best thing to come along since sliced bread, but at this point it just looks to me like a bunch of shadows and mirrors.

      According to their website:

      "Treatment with acoustic CR® neuromodulation is aimed at 'unlearning' the tinnitus sound. Specially clocked, acoustic signals (CR® signals) that target the hyperactive, synchronous nerve cells in the auditory cortex disrupt the pathological synchrony to achieve desynchronisation. Repeating the desynchronisation process continuously causes the nerve cells to "unlearn" step by step how to engage in hyperactivity and synchrony."

      My thinking: If this gizmo can do what they claim it can, then where the hell is their Nobel Prize?

      Sorry, folks. As we say in the South, "Nice dog, but it won't hunt."

      Let's see some reliable and verifiable data first. Then maybe I'll have something more constructive to offer.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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