Understanding/Controlling Pitch of External Noises

Discussion in 'Support' started by Chris R, Nov 7, 2016.

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      So I am trying to control the loud noises around me at work and am hitting a few road blocks. I have Tinnitus and mild hearing loss in my right ear in the 7000 htz range. I am looking into custom molded ear plugs with an attenuating filter and am trying to find what pitch range the machines around me at work are so I know what filters to ask for.

      I have a db meter but this does not seem to help. Some machines (palm sander) only register a max of 84 db but the "pitch" is horrendous on my ears. Other machines that are about the same db range don't seem to bother my ears as bad.

      Any takers?
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      Go for ones that filter sound down to 80 db or lower and should be ok...lots of love glynis

      Work should provide hearing protection also over 84db due to health and safty.

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