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Discussion in 'Research News' started by joe, Jun 12, 2012.

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      Most likely hearing loss
      Interesting but I have no idea what that pub is saying....
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      thanks for the link...good find

      tough reading but lots of gems "hidden" within

      very interesting that damaging noise exposure (AOE for acoustic over exposure) lead to demyelineation of acoustic nerve (AN) fibers...isnt that like saying that the insulation has been stripped off of the wires that carry the signals!

      im thinking this could be what leads to the "cross talk" between the fibers and nerves that stimulate each other to fire

      and then theres that bit about the delay between the AOE, and, the changes that happen in the central auditory processing part of the brain....(is this the brain trying to re wire itself to compensate for damage in the cochlea?)

      this tinnitus nightmare is very complex

      guess we all gotta try and hang loose

      best wishes
      mock turtle
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      Aprreciate you posting this thanks Joe!

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