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      Hello thanks for being here! I've had tinnitus for two years, starting after sudden hearing loss in 2012, 100% deafness.

      My hearing has come back to a degree, though it's distorted. I can easily cope with the hearing loss, I have a hearing aid now too. It's the tinnitus causing distress. It's always there, sometimes manageable, but sometimes, more often than not, like today, horrendous.

      I realise it can be linked to stress or anxiety, but this doesn't seem to be my problem. I have afib for which I've been prescribed beta blocker and warfarin.

      Beta blocker is at the minimum dose, question is, has anybody linked their tinnitus to beta blocker use? I quite understand that my hearing loss could have been the cause, but I think it's been 100% worse in the last 6 months since medications. I get so fed up!
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      Probably headphones
      Yes, some beta blockers are otoxic, i.e. they can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. You should check the otoxicty list of drugs. It's also mentioned here in several threads.

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