Unsure If It Is Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ejh, Feb 21, 2018.

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      I'm Emma and 41 years old. I first noticed a low level hum about 3 weeks ago. It sounded like a car parked outside with its engine running and I was surprised to see no car when I looked out of the window but the sound soon went however the past 4 days it is there almost all of the time. Only when I am indoors can I hear it. The last couple of mornings I've awoken to blissful silence but it's back my mid morning. I have a headache too. I've booked to see doctor in a month but will probably end up booking an on the day appointment before then as I'm feeling anxious about it and what it is. Any advice? Thanks for reading.
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      Yes, it is tinnitus. It doesn't mean it's permanent, but it is tinnitus, since you hear a sound that doesn't have an external source.
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      Yes, that is tinnitus. I would recommend protecting your ears from loud noise from now on.
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      Yup, it's tinnitus. If you haven't had any acoustic trauma or an event that triggered it, it's possibly related to changing hormones (the headaches, too). I wish I had some better advice, but maybe try watching salt a bit and see if that helps. The tinnitus may have something to do with fluid retention and the inner ear.
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