Update on My Situation — In a Positive Way!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by tws, Dec 31, 2016.

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      Happy New Year to Everyone,

      Thought I'd take a minute to update my situation - in a positive way!!. My T started about 2 months back in conjunction with allergies that morphed into an infection in my left ear.

      I don't need to tell so you here - but it was a complete nightmare, Out of nowhere and so loud and unsettling. Sleep was impossible and worry, unhappiness, anxiety / panic attacks constant - etc, I actually thought my life was over. And I wanted it to be for a while. It was so loud and so relentless.

      But talking here with so many changed my life. I saw and heard so much. It could actually go away. Or - if not - it would very likely to get easier to live with. In short, because of all your kindness and support, I could see that there was still a life to lead - with or without it. I had proof! People can do it.

      I forced myself to go out and be with people - to continue painting (it is my job and my passion) . I spent Christmas with my family.... It was always there, but I started to take back some control.

      My ear is nearly healed. Now there are periods where I believe T is gone altogether - others where it is barely noticeable - and spikes where it is nearly as loud as ever - but they are much less frequent. All in all, i'm doing OK again. And I am able to paint again !!!! :)

      So I again have hope. It still may continue to fade. And even if not completely, it's made me look at my life and begin to address things which needed addressing- my anxieties, my stress level, my sleeping habits, nutrition, caffeine, yoga, meditation, music therapy, etc. There's much I've been able to do to make my life a place where T is less welcome.

      I wish for you all a blessed and Happy New Year. Hang in and stay strong. I think we all have recourses we do not know we have .

      Love, Tom.
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      Ruptured eardrum
      Glad you are doing better, happy new year to you as well.
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      Great news, thanks for updating...
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      Ear infection.
      Good for you,and a happy new year.
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      I can only guess
      Glad for you. Happy New Year!

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