Upper Wisdom Tooth Removal — Best Method to Avoid Tinnitus Getting Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by manofaction, Jul 14, 2022.

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      stress and a bit of hearing loss

      My dentist advises my tooth is coming out, it is an erupted tooth with slightly curly roots on upper jaw. It has a cavity so difficult to fill.

      Issue is, I had ultrasonic scaling once, it spiked my tinnitus badly when done on the back teeth and took me 6 months to recover.

      This time, the specialist dental surgeon says what he does is cut the crown off using a hand saw type instrument and basically "sections" the tooth. So there is going to be some device again on the back teeth.

      After the ultrasonic... I mean it was 10-20 seconds of ultrasonic and this procedure takes 1 hour!

      Concerned. I am thinking maybe I can give the dental surgeon a dB reader (drop off at his clinic) and he can measure the sound to give me an assurance? Or has anyone had this procedure done and can compare to ultrasonic scaling?

      Help much appreciated. I am holding on to some anxiety here.

      Also, I am wondering if I should go elsewhere and try for a manual extraction. I am no expert... I got one surgeon's advice and he "sections" since he finds manual extraction is more prone to problems with other teeth and infections.
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      Acoustic trauma, Stress, Nose hit
      Hi, can you tell us how did it go for you?

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