Urgent — Chronic Neck Injury — Help???

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Oct 28, 2016.

    1. Coyotesheaven

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      Well, last night I had another accident wherein I put my head too far back when getting on my pillow (couldn't see where I was putting my head). I believe the accident caused my neck to have a hyper-extension incident, even though the height difference between the 2 pillows was minimal.
      End results; stabbing pain in back of my neck followed by numbness, a few seconds of blindness, flashing lights, tremors, and of course the good ol' tinnitus spike and low frequency hearing loss again. This time no headache but I had gotten it before on previous nights.

      This is the uptillionth time I have seen ear symptoms come straight from manipulating my neck. I also had an incident yesterday where I was getting a nerve block in my neck, started to get a vasovagal reaction, and the idiot doctor pulls me up by my neck when all I needed was to sit in a chair. Yes I was handled rather violently by a careless man.

      It's pretty clear to me that I am dealing with a chronic neck injury, possibly vertebrobasilar insufficiency or vascular damage. No duh I am slowly going deaf and no duh I have all these problems with my health.

      But nobody has listened to me when I bring this up, except for the people who do neck injury evaluations, that I have a neck injury.
      Back in May, I had something similar happen to my neck and had a stroke-like event in my brainstem (legs gave out, arms felt weird, blurred vision, slurred speech, a touch of hearing loss, horrific pulsatile tinnitus, etc.), all coming from sleeping the wrong way. Never got taken to the ER because my parents threatened me for wanting to do so, thinking I was having a psychotic episode (WTF).

      Anyway, am I slated to go deaf from this recurring injury? Will my hearing even improve at all or is this a permanent injury? Scared half to death from this.
    2. Jason C

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      Have you tried talking to a chiropractor about your neck??
    3. Starthrower

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      A good physical therapist would be able to evaluate your situation Coyote.

      You will not go deaf.

      But you need medical attention for this.
    4. stophiss

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      We have communicated several times about your hypersensitivity and special needs. To me, you share a similar condition with many on this forum, anxiety disorder...or at least acute anxiety due to current health events.

      Do you see a therapist on a regular basis? I know this is easy to say and perhaps hard to do, but addressing your anxiety I believe will reel in many of perceived conditions. Not to be trite, but perception is reality. What we think we many times believe. Simply extrapolate from the public. Your neck is probably not much different than hundreds of thousands. Some fight a chronic neck condition their whole life and don't go deaf because of it.

      Best of luck.
    5. glynis

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      Try a neck support pillow that might help with how you sleep and might help your tinnitus.
      I end up throwing one of my pillows out of bed as like to sleep nearly flat.
      As @stophiss says I would see someone for anxiety to help relax you.
      Neck problems can cause tinnitus but should settle as the neck problem eases.
      Ask your doctor about physio and make sure you sitting position is giving you good support.....lots of love glynis
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    6. Dave 7681

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      Have you ever had a neck MRI or a flex / extension X-rays of the neck - sounds like an upper cervical instability -were you ever in an auto accident or a major fall ? Your symptoms mimic cervical instability - this is very serious if you have this condition (fixable of course)

      Please keep us posted

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