Various Tinnitus Sounds — Buzzing, High-Pitched Ringing, Beeping

Discussion in 'Support' started by C. Ano, Jul 2, 2019.

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      Hello everyone,

      after lurking on here for a while now I have decided to talk about what's going on with me here. I'm 20 years old and I think I have tinnitus. I haven't been to the doctor about it, but as I've been reading through this site, I believe I may have tinnitus after all. For example, I don't think I know what silence sounds like anymore. In a quiet room, for a few years now I've always heard a buzzing sound in the background that isn't coming from external sources, I've also been listening to music pretty loud for a few years now.

      Recently, I thought I had an ear infection and I went to urgent care, which cost me quite some money (I'm a college student so I'm pretty tight on money). The doctor said I didn't have an ear infection and that the pain in my ear was from going from a place with high elevation to a place with low elevation, and my ear didn't release air, which inflamed a tube connected to my ear, so he prescribed Amoxicillin.

      A day after I started taking it, the buzzing in my ear (the sound I could only hear when it was really quiet) now became really loud.

      And then a day after, I started hearing this beeping sound that never ends. I hate describing it like this, but it sounds like flatlining, and it hasn't stopped!

      I started googling this which I probably shouldn't have because googling symptoms usually isn't really good for someone to do, but someone said that Amoxicillin could trigger louder tinnitus. After I read that, it kind of gave me some hope, but I'm still stressed about it.

      And to make things worse, just recently I started hearing a more higher pitch sound in my left ear which is the ear that was hurting in the beginning, so now I'm hearing two different sounds at the same time. I'm trying really hard not to scare myself but at this point I feel hopeless. I have an appointment in two weeks, but I feel like I'm losing my mind right now, I can't sleep well anymore. I've cried myself to sleep a few times now, and I don't know what to do. I want to talk to the doctor in urgent care again, but I just don't have the money to pay him another visit. My insurance plan gives me free checkups, so I'm going to use that to talk to another doctor about this so that I don't have to spend so much money again.

      I'm really sorry for how long this was, I tend to over explain, but I could really use some help trying to figure this out or how to deal with this, I feel so frustrated. Is it possible that the second sound is my inagination since I'm becoming paranoid?
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      Well, the high pitch sound is definitely tinnitus. It's time to give your ears a break with the loud music. You don't mention it but I'm assuming you listen at least occasionally through earphones or headphones. IMHO you're only making things worse if that's the case. It's a good place to start.
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      Tinnitus sounds can come and go they can manifest themselves quite differently day to day.

      At some point they stabilise and you’ll have a more known entity.

      Don’t sit and listen to it, distract and rest your ears as a first step. Sleep as well.

      Don’t feel your on your own and let those near you know what you are dealing with x

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