Very New Here — Pramipexole Actually Worked for Me

Discussion in 'Support' started by J. Wing, Jan 30, 2013.

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      Tinnitus for 13 years. Last year around this time I started taking the drug Pramipexole. Read it might help with the tinnitus and my doctor agreed to let me try it. After only 8 days of taking it my tinnitus pattern simply changed for the better. Always before I woke up with screaming tinnitus. Now I woke up to very soft tinnitus and that would last the whole day.

      On some days my tinnitus would increase but to a very tolerable level. Never had to mask during the entire time. I read where it was very possible that the drug would only work for a short duration and this is what happened to me. It worked 2 months and 2 weeks. Then slowly my tinnitus went back to its original volume and pattern.

      Yes I was upset but it did prove to me that a drug can influence ones tinnitus. A few months after being off the drug I tried it again with no positive results. That's what "ticks" me off about tinnitus. You think you might have it figured out but it turns around and bites you in the a**.
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      Microsuction / Additional Acoustic Trauma in Close Proximity
      Also working for me - fearing the same time constraints will affect me as well.

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