Vibrating/Humming Sensation When Talking After Loud Noise Incident

Discussion in 'Support' started by ChrisMary, Sep 22, 2021.

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      New Tinnitus Talk member here. Thank you for all the valuable info. I haven't found a story of anyone with my particular situation, and I'll try to be brief--

      Long-time mild tinnitus, a couple unresolved spikes after a 2020 MRI and again after my April COVID-19 vaccine.

      For approx 6 years I've noticed when I'm in my car and I sing along to the radio, when I hum or singing lower notes my right ear sort of vibrates/hums, like I'm hearing the singing inside my head on that side. Now I'm wondering if that's a sign of hearing loss but it never occurred to me to have it checked out. I've also had two unfortunate incidents since the vaccine where I've had right ear pain (a dish dropped on the floor/bumped two glass bowls together) that lasted a few days. I don't seem to fit the hyperacusis label but I've always been sensitive to loud noises that don't bother other people.

      Question is, 1½ weeks ago I made the mistake of placing my computer tablet speaker next to my right ear and a quick loud sound played unexpectedly. It alarmed me obviously being next to my ear vs. a noise in a room.

      For the week afterwards I had ear pain and also pain along that side of my face. I used an earplug all week to protect it. The pain diminished and on Saturday I stopped plugging it. On Sunday I was driving and noticed even talking loudly creates that same vibration/hum when I talk. Yesterday and today the pain has returned a bit and most worrying, talking loudly in the house is enough to get that vibration feeling now. I've never had a hearing test and I have a preexisting ENT referral after the vaccination issue, but that's not for another month.

      I really don't know if there's anything I can do right now (probably not steroids?) other than just see what the end result of this noise will be after my ENT visit. I take multivitamins, Turmeric, Vitamin D, just started on extra C and Magnesium glycinate.

      Does anyone else experience this vibration/"talking inside my head" feeling in one ear when they talk? Thanks so much for any insight!
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      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk.

      I’m so sorry that you’re having this experience. I think the visit to the ENT should at least shed some light on whether or not you have hearing loss. I have not had the same experience as you but perhaps others on the site have.

      I’m also very sorry that you had spikes related to an MRI and the COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, I’m so sorry that they have yet to resolve. I’ve had a number of MRIs where I’ve used double ear protection and I seem to have been OK. But they are so ridiculously loud. I have yet to have the vaccine although I’m utterly terrified that I will too will have a spike.

      Can I ask which vaccine you had? Was your spike after your first or second dose?

      I hope you’ll be able to get some support from others that may have an experience that mirrors yours as mine does not, but tinnitus effects everyone differently. I can tell you that I had noise induced tinnitus in 2015 and it completely resolved after about two years. Ears take a long time to heal. My tinnitus returned a year ago when I suffered some unexplained hearing loss in my left ear. I also get bilateral tinnitus - quite high pitched, which I experience mostly in my right ear, although I can get it in my left. It comes and goes and fluctuates and my ENT is convinced that it’s related to TMJ and allergies.

      I sincerely hope your symptoms resolve.
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      unknown/MRI/sudden loud noise
      I appreciate your response :)

      My spike was after my 1st Pfizer dose.

      I still notice an increase of that weird vibrating/humming but my main concern is the ear pain as it's really uncomfortable. Could I have damaged my eardrum? This is the third day and it's gotten pretty bad. It didn't seem to hurt today until a shortly after I got out of bed. I haven't taken any pain relievers (wary of them with tinnitus).

      Possibly contributing to the ear pain is my TMJ on that side clicks a little (I've had that off and on for years but it was never really painful). Maybe it's been clicking lately and I'm just hyper--aware of it now? I've been alternating between cold and warm moist compresses and gentle jaw stretches because the pain is radiating down the side of my face a little too.

      I have an appointment at a clinic tomorrow. If my ear appears normal I don't know what can be done other than wait for the ENT visit.

      Thanks for the warm welcome, Forever Hopeful!
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      Yes... I have been looking for someone "like me".... my story different.. and will explain - But MOST interested in the "I can hear myself in my head" and humm/vibration when I talk. There was another member here.. Tam... something that when I searched "google unusual tinnitus - it lead me to this site and her story of "buzzing" when I talk... I have tried to find since "now joining" but no luck.. but came up with yours.... so here I am... anyway..for me:

      in 2009 (in my 30's) I lost my ALL my hearing overnight (idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss) means the Dr's have no understanding why.. and will tell you most likely a "virus" best educated guess we have for now.. anyway - that's fine lost all hearing.. and have had Tinnitus in that ear ever since... sounds like my lap top running and sometimes a truck decides to reverse in my ear and I get the "beep" "beep" "beep" too... largely it has not over bothered me.. stay away from noisy places.. and get on with life....

      this year July 2021 - my "good" ear starts to play up... I have what you describe.. I can hear myself talk.. but I also get a "cello" string being plucked is how I described it.. with every "exhale" breath out.. yes I could hear what I was saying but with this "extra noise" and it was also a sensation I could feel.. it felt like the vibrations off my "good ear"... going to ENT emergency room... thinking am I loosing my good ear??? they can't explain anything.. no surprise there... give me Prednisolone (Corticosteroids) and send me on my way... when I woke up the next day, it was gone.. only to return one week later... I work at the hospital so go see them.. nothing they say, hope for the best. Next day again wake up my cello is no more... I can talk.. and hum to myself no problem.

      And yes the Dr's call any sound "they" can't hear - but you can.. as tinnitus.. but this is some CRAZY arse tinnitus!!! As I know what "tinnitus is" I'm a nurse I have read plenty about it.. understand it.. and have lived with it for 12 years now.. I said to them "THIS cello is different." they didn't seem to take notice of that... Also knowing that all my hearing test for my "good ear" come back normal... comprehensive blood test for EVERY auto-immune syndrome or disease you could have.. all come back... normal... My CT.. and MRI.. all you guessed it... NORMAL..

      But I'm telling you.. what I said on those 2 days was that.. IF I had to live with that type of tinnitus I got when I talked.. (actually also happened when one of the Dr's stood close to me - made my ear vibrate and the cello string.. pppppllllluckeddddd I said.. .thank god I have learnt Auslan (Australian Sign Language) because that's the only way I would communicate if I was stuck with it... that's how bad it was... it so far has not returned.. but yes.. I have this week felt like I was on a "PLANE" and my ears wanted to pop - just in the store room at work... your own voice sounds "weird" other people voices sound weird - my ears feel pressure.. its bloody horrible.. but is over quickly too.. like 3 minutes.. all resolved. so I look funny.. ohh I say my ears.. and not be 5minutes later.. no I'm all good.. happy as anything.. people just think.. my god she is ODD...

      so that is me.. I'm bit happier today.. knowing that this case of talking and hearing weird sounds isn't just me.. I'm sure there are more people... it's all interesting.. as someone with unknown deafness, and as a nurse... live and learn..

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      Hi @Fleur. Could your symptoms be a form of Dysacusis? Quite a few people hear tones and distortion over voices and music. I get a woooo sound over voices and music almost as though someone is blowing on a bottle top.

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