Vibrating Sensation When Shouting/Talking Loud Driving Me Insane

Discussion in 'Support' started by Koz, Oct 28, 2019.

    1. Koz

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      Loud Music via headphones + loud concerts no earplugs
      Hi all,

      Developed some weird vibrating sensation when I talk loudly and shout in my left ear (which is my damaged ear - from noise 60-70 dB on average. Moderate Severe.)

      Spoke to an Audiologist who said 1-2 things of what it could be (which I don't exactly remember) and reassured me about it and agreed with me when I said that I should only ever get checked if I have constant ongoing pain and discomfort in my ear(s).

      Does anyone have a similar vibrating sensation when they shout/talk loudly? It's driving me insane, more than tinnitus, I have no idea what it is and its really bothering me.

      It's not pain or discomfort, but I wonder what it is. Been diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss in left ear and have managed to keep it at the same level for a few years until I unfortunately made it worse by forgetting my ear plugs at a loud event 12 months ago.
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    2. jlish

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      July 2019
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      25 years of loud noise (who am I shittin'?)
      Me! It’s horrible! Left ear vibrates when I talk even kinda loud. Like is in middle ear or inner ear?
    3. Utopia

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      1997, then resolved til recent worsening
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      Concert, Acoustic Trauma
      Yes, it's horrific. I hear a distortion- a thud in my left ear - triggered by my voice, cough, sneeze, laugh. It is also triggered by low volume incoming sounds like lightswitches, door locks, plastic lids, appliance doors.

      Audiologists/ENTs have only guessed that it could be damage to nerve or a muscle. Anyone have a theory?
    4. Backpacker

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      Some kind of 3rd window syndrome maybe.

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