Vibration in the Ear and Tinnitus Increased While Pressing Hands Against My Forehead

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TobySweden, Mar 22, 2015.

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      My name is Tobias. I am 35 years old living in Sweden.
      I got tinnitus in January...I am not 100% sure what caused it.
      I could be a mistake with microphones that caused a very horrible noise for 25 sec or more.
      It repeated twice however I was not close to the stage.
      It can also have been caused by infection in my ear or the medication i received.
      It could be a side effect of that I have been a lot worried about a lot of things.
      Still no one has examined my tinnitus and determined "where" it comes from.
      My question is :
      My tinnitus increases when i put my hands on my forehead and press them together against my forehead. I also have increased T if I turn my head left and right. Is my tinnitus somatic? Is it really in my ears or in my nerves?

      Also sometimes I get a vibrating sound that feels like it comes from the ear when I listen to voices but the same is also produced when I touch/massage my neck...what is this?
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      unsure-head trauma ?
      Hi Tobias, I have the exact same symptoms....I believe its from the neck-muscles,SCM,etc. I am trying to get to pain management for lidocane inj. If I can talk my doc into it that is...he doesn't think it will help ?
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      Noise exposition-noise trauma-siren
      I have the same.. When I press my temper or my head or turn my head too much the T increases a lot, also when I sleep in a bad position like in a bus, etc....
      I think it's related to my spinal cord, but I am not sure.

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