Video Series: Do You Believe Tinnitus Will Be Cured? (Part 4/4 — Winfried Schlee)

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    1. In this video series, four experts answer the burning question: will tinnitus be cured?

      • Part 1: Dr. Tanit Ganz Sanchez (MD, ENT, Member of Tinnitus Research Initiative Scientific Committee)
      • Part 2: Stevearrison (Tinnitus Hub co-founder)
      • Part 3: Luca Del Bo (M.Sc., Audiologist, Member of Tinnitus Research Initiative Scientific Committee)
      • Part 4 (watch below): Winfried Schlee (Ph.D., Research Coordinator of Tinnitus Research Initiative)

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    2. _Patrick_

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      I wish he wasn't so young to say "once in a lifetime"... ;)
    3. PaulBe

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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Cured? Sure, when time can be reversed.
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    4. Izzy Movin?

      Izzy Movin? Member

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      Yes it will be cured...the day I die!
    5. Reinier
      Not amused

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      Explosion starting engine
      Most, if not in al videos, the heterogeneous of tinnitus is mentioned.
      Tinnitus can be divided in many subgroups.

      Is tinnitus caused by NIHL one of those subgroups?
      Do all people, or the vast majority of people, with NIHL tinnitus fall within this same subgroup?
      That would not surprise me.

      Suppose something is found to treat, in any way, this group of people. I think there is a very large group of tinnitus sufferers that will benefit.
      I wonder in the end how heterogeneous tinnitus pans out to be.
    6. LiPe

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      More sleep and more meat has decreased my Tinnitus immensely. As more and more "east meets west" medicine practices are being considered, I believe a cure is inevitable...sooner than we realize!
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    7. David Whitehouse

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      I find all but one of their comments to be very tentative...I don't get any warm or fuzzy feeling or any great hope that there will be a cure anytime soon. 10 years? How many different audio therapies that don't work can I buy in 10 years? Oh well, back to today's sound file from Tennitus Terminator! On track 11....No Change...
    8. TomR451

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      Don't know
      I'm a 63-year-old man with tenderness for the last 25 years. However, two years ago the symptoms increased greatly . I connected this increase in severity to a single event. I had foolishly pressure washed my deck using a gasoline powered sprayer and did not use hearing protection or respiratory protection . Soon after two things occurred, my tinnitus increased severely and my allergies increased severely . I believe that the combination of a high decibel assault along with the inhalation of the atomization of years and years of pollen collection on my deck conspired with a "double whammy" if you will. The congestion in my head seriously increased the annoyance of my tinnitus . I started taking allergy shots and that seemed to help somewhat, but I believe the most effective relief came when my ENT placed a small tube in my right eardrum . Immediately I felt a pressure equalization in my inner ear. My hearing increased significantly and the predominance of my tinnitus decreased proportionally.

      My tinnitus has not gone away, but it has decreased to the point that it is not significant. It has returned to a level that I have been used to for 25 years and although still annoying at times it is livable. Hope this post is helpful to someone.
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    9. fyzygy

      fyzygy Member

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      I got temporary relief after I had an injection of anaesthetic at my dentist's. For several hours after the procedure ... no tinnitus! It was beautiful. Researchers might like to know of certain chemicals that make tinnitus worse (even, so I am told, for non-sufferers) ... for example, mescaline. In the context of a mescaline trip, mind you, the tinnitus is less of an impediment than part of an overall experience. You accept it then, even lovingly.
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    10. GregCA

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      Yes this is expected.
      Apparently scientists know that lidocaine works reasonably well, but it's impractical to deliver it appropriately. There are clinical trials about lidocaine patches. If that worked it would be awesome, but I am a bit skeptical about it given the amount layers of the body the lidocaine would have to travel in order to reach the inner ear from the skin. Still, I'd love for them to prove me wrong on my skepticism.
    11. Emma...

      Emma... Member

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      Bad Well Water - Toxins, Coliform, Lead Tank... & STRESS
      Allergens, congestion...
      Mine began in 2009... 3 months after moving in to a new place. Water was a ground fed well, traveling through a LEAD tank... and the owner was pouring gallons of clorox into the system. Everything happened so gradually, it was hard to even think clearly as to what was actually happening. Skin was dry, hair was breaking off and falling out... The stress, coupled with the irritants, toxins, and COLIFORM (had water tested)... - 6 months in, my ear 'popped' and I heard SIRENS, literally. Moved out as fast as I could. It took TWO YEARS to bring it down to tolerable levels. I lost hearing on the left side and was told I would lose all hearing, being wrongly diagnosed with Meniere's... and sent home with steroids. I didn't take them, and searched a cure w-my friend who is a Naturopathic Doctor... I am also a Naturopath Practitioner. No cure, but was able to hear again in two years time.. and my right is tinnitus free and hear perfectly. Still working on the left...

      I believe stress is a big factor in tinnitus... that, coupled with life's irritants, allergens, and toxins all around us, are destined to create a negative outcome. So important to free our lives of negative influence as best we can.

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