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      Am six weeks in to my Tinnitus journey. I am deliberately not reading some of the negative threads on here as I am trying to remain positive in that my T will clear up sooner rather than later. Mine came from a virus which went from the throat and then into the sinuses and then booooom the T began. Its 24 /7 constant pulsatile T. Spun me right out as anxiety kicked right in and didn't think I can cope however that seems to have calmed down now that I have slightly accepted it might be a long ride.

      What I am keen to learn is whether viral T ever goes? I don't see too many threads on this and what the best course of action I can follow to help. I have been to Harley Street to see a top ENT guy and he was as much use as a chocolate kettle. He confirmed I seem to have lost hearing at the very highest pitch on the hearing scale however I wonder if that's because the T was blocking me hearing anything at that pitch.

      I have been on Predisalone steroids, anti biotics and nasal spray which all did nothing.

      Any positive advice please?

      Thanks for your time
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      A virus can take a long time clear your system and your ears are the last part to clear.
      It can take a few weeks to settle so try remain positive.
      If you still have it 3-4 months then maybe get seen by ENT.
      Hope since posting your having better luck.

      Like your name like Peter James the Authour

      .....lots of love glynis

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