Visual Snow and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zechariah, Jan 28, 2015.

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      I'd try to fix your jaw with a competent TMJ doctor before going on benzos, even though I also think Lorazepam is weakass garbage I can barely differentiate from placebo.

      I don't think benzos will work for most people the way they work for me because I think half my problem is my ears/brain and the other half of my problem is that I was on benzos as a teenager and young adult and it impacted brain development. Hopefully most people don't have that problem but it also means that benzos might hit me differently than a normal person.

      Seems like 95% of the people that try Klonopin either say it does nothing or makes them feel more relaxed without changing much else.

      There's strong evidence that TMJ is associated with worse tinnitus and that treating TMJ problems reduces the intensity and severity of tinnitus, and Klonopin or not, if I start skipping my night guard and letting my jaw tense up, the tinnitus gets worse for sure, the drugs just keep me from noticing as much.
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      Visual Snow Syndrome/TMJ & Cervical Spine ?
      Yeah I honestly just need a little bit of rest from tinnitus. I don't care about the visual stuff, although it isn't mild but it ain't a shit compared to the reactive tinnitus.

      I get them fixed and then try Klonopin. We'll see.

      I set my deadline to 2029, by then the tinnitus hopefully is gone, well I will do everything, even DBS and brain surgery to fuck that cock sucking retard in my brain.

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