Vitamin B Complex

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      This article is specically about vitamin B12, which is most commonly connected to tinnitus:
      Different B vitamins can be found in meat, dairy products and eggs. It take years to have a deficiency of them, therefore long-term vegans who don''t eat the above-mentioned are a risk group. However, if you have a balanced diet it is not likely that vitamins are going to help (maybe only by placebo). If you are worried you can visit your GP and ask for her to control your vitamin levels.
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      I took B12 for some time, I take Balanced B complex 100 (sustained release ) 1 pill
      Now and then, haven't been taking it regularly. In the last month or so I feel
      Vinpocetine and specially Niacine has helped me a lot and lecithin granules.
      Pls make sure to get the all natural type of brand with no artificial additives.
      Hope this helps @inadmin
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      Has anyone tried CoQ-10? It is supposed to be very good for brain health. I bought some and tried it (50mg) and it seemed to help, but I was getting insomnia and think that is a side effect so I stopped.
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      Hi, DebS,

      I take CoQ10 regularly (100 mg per day), along with other supplements, including niacin, B vitamins, fish oil, moringa oliefera, and magnesium.

      Yes, I believe the CoQ10 has helped; I can't tell if it causes insomnia, because I have insomnia about every 2 or 3 days, no matter what.

      I do think CoQ10 might be beneficial for tinnitus sufferers.
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      I'll try it..just to see


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