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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jordan4, Jul 10, 2014.

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      Are there any vitamins I could take to try and reduce my tinnitus? Im hoping if there is, they help more because im young (14), it was my first really loud noise exposure, and its still early on (3 and a half weeks).
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      Hi, Jordan,

      Many people recommend a good B complex vitamin for tinnitus, and Vitamin B-12 deficiency is often cited as a possible cause of tinnitus. It wouldn't hurt to take a B complex vitamin.

      Also, you might try magnesium. It is calming, and it may help a little bit with tinnitus. I take magnesium chloride tablets, but there are other forms of magnesium that other folks may recommend. You can even buy magnesium in the form of a spray that you can spray directly onto your skin. It is supposed to be more highly absorbent that way.

      Good luck, and I hope your tinnitus begins to subside a bit in the next few weeks.

      Best wishes,
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      Things to live by...
      • Eat good food. Cut out or minimize as much salty junk food out as possible (Dorritos, etc..).
      • Go to bed early and get plenty of rest.
      • No cokes or other caffeinated, sugary or diet drinks.
      • Drink water.
      • Exercise, go outside and play and don't sit around playing video games unless you need to occupy your mind.
      • Don't stress and just be cool about things for awhile
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      Hello Jordan:) I agree with Karen about magnesium and vitamin B. However for example I took them and they made absolutely no difference. Nothing replaces a healthy diet so make sure you eat everything that our body needs. And of course everyone is different so try to listen to your body. Also, if the vitamins help if often tends to be a quite small effect or placebo. And taken in too big doses they can cause damage to your body. Vitamin B deficiency can be tested by a simple blood test so if you are afraid that you lack them you can test that. If you live in a cold and sunless climate then vitamin D is good, not for tinnitus, but for you altogether.
      I would not worry or focus on my tinnitus too much if I were you. Enjoy your teenage years. Young people have way better chances of it going away than grownups:)

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