Warning About Manual Earwax Extraction — Worsened My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jackthewax, Apr 30, 2020.

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      Just a warning about this method of earwax removal. I paid over 200 pounds for extraction manually because I didn't want the noise of microsuction or irrigation. This was performed at my local private ENT hospital.

      During the the procedure, he caught my eardrum and ever since then I've had quite an increase in the volume of my tinnitus. This was last February and no improvement yet. Just be careful...
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      HI @Jackthewax

      I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you experienced with manual earwax removal. I wish I had the chance of discussing this with you sooner, as I would have said have the procedure done at an NHS hospital ENT clinic. I have had earwax removed 3 times by microsuction at ENT with no problems. Ear irrigation 3 times at my GP surgery, by the practice nurse and had no problems. Every medical procedure carries some element of risk, and I know some people are apprehensive about microsuction or ear irrigation, and think manual removal of wax by curette is safe. This is not necessarily the case as you've sadly found.

      I have quite severe tinnitus. I was advised by my ENT doctor before having microsuction, to apply eardrops 3 x a day to each ear for 10 days before having the wax removed. My GP advised me to do the same before having ear irrigation. Problems can arise when the wax isn't soft enough to enable easy removal and for this reason, it's recommended to apply olive oil/ear drops as I've described. Some people go to high-street walk in clinics and have miroscuction and end up developing tinnitus, because they were not advised to apply ear drops as I've described to fully soften the wax before removal.

      If you do have wax removed in future, I suggest that you use eardrops in the manner I have described and have the procedure done at your GP surgery or at NHS hospital with microsuction.

      Hope your situation improves.
      All the best

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