We Often Cannot Change Our Tinnitus — But We Can Change Our Outlook on Life

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gerbit, Feb 13, 2020.

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      Hello everyone!

      I hope you all are having a wonderful evening.

      Here I sit, and I can hear the whispering in both ears (with about six tones in my right ear lol), and I am actually pretty darn calm and excited for tomorrow. Now, keep in mind that earlier today was really rough - I was focusing on my ears a lot and worrying that a couple loud sounds (yelling, concert band) are going to make my ears worse. I always use really good hearing protection for events that may even be somewhat loud (like a bus or a clarinet ensemble), but I think we all have to remember that loud events and things like that literally happen every single day. For example, I have concert band three times a week. My friends yell, or I yell. A bus stops in front of me. The vast majority of these things I can’t control Moreover, the vast majority will not make tinnitus worse, as far as I know. And yet, the tinnitus is still there. It’s not going away any time soon.

      However, I plan on from tomorrow onwards to focus on the good things in life: friends, homework, activities, etc. and not let my ears take over my life as they have often in the past. I can hear it, and it is of course quite annoying. However, simply the fact that I am sitting here calmly listening to it says something. We often cannot change our tinnitus, but we can change our outlook on life and how we stress out or don’t stress out about it.

      Hopefully this helps some people out! I am fully aware of how crappy tinnitus is. I’ve had it for three years and have about six or seven tones; which I can hear almost everywhere. However, hopefully with determination and prayers it will become just part of my life, just like the fact that I wear glasses and can’t see well out of the sides of my vision.
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      This is it... some people can park tinnitus, or accept it as part of who they are. Others can't unfortunately. There might be a reaction to this along the lines of "but you probably don't have severe tinnitus", "mine is worse than yours".

      Well I say how do you know? I might just be coping better with it. I wouldn't be a praying man myself, but definitely determined.
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      You are lucky you can keep playing.:cat::D
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      Not a criticism of those who unfortunately have a more difficult time dealing with their tinnitus, but I've been accused of this very thing. And I have severe tinnitus. Good post.
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