Week 5 in Hell. Any Tips?

Discussion in 'Support' started by EmanuelMacavei, Feb 2, 2016.

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      Hey guys my name is Emanuel im 16, its exactly the 34th day since I've had my tinnitus, Its been hard for me, like it has for you all, I'm. The way my t started was in bed at night around 3am I had an earbud in one ear watching some video games untill out of nowhere I had a sudden ringing that wouldn't go away. I've always had loud T come in and out the ones that last 5-10 seconds where all sound gets muffled and I thought nothing about it until the next morning it was constant, I got really scared and googled "what is ringing in the ears" I got these results. Just to cut the to the chase my ent and primary physician said it was going to be temporary they put me on prednisone and amoxicillin for about a week. I took prednisone for 2 weeks. No affect. I now have 2 different sounds in each ear in my left the "supposed infected ear" a steady mildly piched t and in my right I have a arcade sounding tinnitus I dont know if its Pulsatile t but im not sure its not like a heart beat or anything. I don't know when the different pitches came up... Anyways Do any of you have any tips for me. By the way my left ear seems to pop alot more and each time i cover my left ear it pops it sounds like a crackle of like saran wrap. Sorry if this didnt make much sense Im still trying to put this all together.
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      My main tip is to just keep moving forward. I believe most everyone here felt at one point or unfortunately still feel the same way. With me, it has been a struggle, but looking back, I feel a lot better now (not 100% though) than I had during my first month, it just takes time. Also, try masking with white noise to sleep and if needed, throughout the day. One more thing, be sure to be cautious around loud noise (have earplugs with you just in case).
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