Weird Pressure and Feedback Like Noise in my Head

Discussion in 'Support' started by Artmuzz, Nov 12, 2015.

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      I am getting scared. Last night I was getting changed and quickly put my shoes on so I could catch the end of what I was watching on the television. Anyway when I did this I got this weird light headed feeling in my head accompanied by this sort of weird feedback noise in my head that got louder then disappeared. The feedback sound is similar to the sound fed into victims heads during interrogation scenes on classic sci-fi and thriller movies. The sound is like guitar feedback which gradually gets louder and it is freaking me out.

      I have been suffering anxiety and depression for a long time and during this year I have been suffering a couple of panic attacks and symptoms of light headedness, migraines, derealisation, pressures in my head and acid reflux. This new symptom is freaking me out and I am wondering if anyone else has had it.
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      I think its related to anxiety and depression and had a little brain zap when moving quickly and your tinnitus on top sent you dizzy.
      If it happens again let your doctor know.
      Try stay calm and dont panic as the unwanted emotions will add to the feeling and feed your tinnitus sound.
      Hope you are having talking therapy and medication to help you .
      Take care,lots of love glynis

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