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      I was hoping it wasn't inevitable but...some rock band living, bad genetics, middle age, new but pretty bad anxiety attacks, and what I SWEAR was a voodoo virus this spring has brought me here. To stay I assume.

      I've had the ring come and go for years...a few seconds then go away...but I got some REALLY weird virus this spring that gave me three weeks of night sweats. The doctors looked all around me and took all sorts of pics and MANY blood tests. Thank god they didn't find the nasty things they were looking for.

      But from the third week of March 2014 on, someone stole my head and replaced it with one that is constantly light-headed, has headaches, and tinnitus. I was NEVER a headache guy, now suddenly they are the norm. Not bad...mild for sure, but there. I swear I'm not nuts. Just light-headed now.

      The neurologist, my latest stop (still chasing this in July) can find nothing in the brain scans and has referred me to the headache clinic though my headaches fit no headache profile.

      Oh, and the tinnitus. There's that...it moved in to stay. It's not bad, just a low ringing. It is consistent with the slight noise-induced hearing loss confirmed by the latest exam by the audiologist. The loss is pretty consistent in both ears, as the tinnitus. It's in stereo.

      So my first tinnitus question is...why does it flare up a little bit for no reason? Does everybody notice it a little more sometimes than others?
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      My T is constant with spikes that occur off an on. Some days are better than others. I have T mostly in left ear but will move to my head and over to the right ear particularly when the spike is loud. I hear anything from chirping, rushing, buzzing, ringing...you name it...LOL
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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Tinnitus is unpredictable. On some days, it may be very quiet, and then it will flare up, for no apparent reason. For some people, dietary changes can make a difference. Caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, and other stimulants can increase tinnitus for some people. You could try experimenting with dietary changes, etc. to see if you notice a difference.

      Don't worry,though; it's not unusual to experience many different sounds, and a lot of ups and downs, with tinnitus!
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