Well. Tinnitus Got Worse, Officially. Maybe from the MRI?

Discussion in 'Support' started by IAmCalifornia, Jul 20, 2019.

    1. IAmCalifornia

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      this year
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      i wish i knew
      Tinnitus for two years now. I fairly habituated recently. To the best I could be anyways. Things were “okay”.

      I felt a little sick recently not related to tinnitus and had an MRI done about four weeks ago.

      This past week I was having issues sleeping. More like I couldn’t stay asleep. But hey it happens, I thought. But just now I woke up with a new tone in my right ear. I get that fleeting stuff so I wasn’t worried initially... Well after five minutes I realized... it wasn’t going away.

      It last been a half hour and it’s still not gone. I’m getting random pressure in my right ear too, subtle stuff.

      I’ve had a breakdown and am freaking out. I started praying FFS. My body won’t stop shaking, I’m extremely depressed. And this was just when I pulled myself out of the depression (of course).

      I don’t know what to do. I recently became a father too and was taking life seriously for the first time since I got tinnitus.

      I’m so scared, I’m even crying. I’m a grown man crying. I don’t know what to do.
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    2. Candy

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      How long have you had the second tone for?
    3. DebInAustralia

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      How are you now?

      Do you have a cold?
    4. Agrajag364

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      It's not surprising you're freaking out or crying, don't feel bad. Loud tinnitus is grim. Hopefully this is just a temporary spike, so many of us have them. Mine once got louder for 2 months then went back. On another occasion I got tinnitus in my non tinnitus ear (I normally only have it loudly in one ear) and that lasted for at least 6 weeks but went away. Could it possibly be though that if it gets louder for a few days the stress of that can actually worsen it, like a vicious circle? I know it's the ultimate easier said than done but if you manage to stay as chilled as possible, that might be the best shot at getting it to just quieten the hell down again?

      Congrats on being a new dad, that's awesome.

      Did you have any contrast with your MRI?
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    5. Daniel Lion

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      Noise trauma, hearing loss
      Sounds like the MRI gave you a spike, and major anxieties are kicking in.
      Sounds like a setback, but hopefully not permanent.
      Dealing with the freaking out and breakdown sounds like the first place to start...
      Perhaps some Benzos for quick stabilizing or body mind work... holistic approach.

      Sorry to hear you're in a bad way, congratulations on being a dad.

      Stay strong brother, don’t give up.
    6. bSiDeQuiEtWaTeRS

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      soundwaves, vibrations, life
      Dear @IAmCalifornia, I wouldn't think that the MRI is the reason for your increase in tinnitus if it occurred 4 weeks earlier than the new tone/volume popped up. If a sound/vibration makes my tinnitus worse it happens instantly, not weeks later.

      Hopefully this is a longer version of the fleeting type of tinnitus for you. If not, I would suspect that something else caused it...which is not a fun thing to think about, so maybe don't do that.

      Just find joy in your new child and keep plugging away.
    7. Deamon22

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      Head Trauma/Cold?
      Although from what i read here increases could happen a bit delayed, but four weeks seems a bit too long to me. I also get sometimes a longer lasting fleeting tinnitus (from a few minutes to a few hours) and it always scares the hell out of me, but it always faded.
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    8. Chinmoku

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      Unknown, possibly medication
      @IAmCalifornia I hope it fades in time. I am in a similar situation, my tinnitus is very loud and I have a host of other scary symptoms, I'm tapering a medication and this is making me more and more depressed. Today is super tough. I have bad thoughts but I have two kids so there is no easy way out. We have to endure even if it seems almost impossible. Hang in there.
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    9. PeteJ

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      acoustic trauma?
      I think loud tinnitus is not common here since I think it's near impossible to get used to it. Few here mention loud and high pitched t.

      I hope I can figure out how to suicide this year asap.

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