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Discussion in 'Support' started by citigirl13, Feb 7, 2014.

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      ...and it was actually reassuring. She took a look in my ears and said that she could see that they didn't look "normal" and in fact they looked mucus-y. She said that unfortunately it could take time - as in months - for the ears to clear up, and gave me another prescription for a nasal spray. However, because I am young - 21 - she was optimistic that it will go.

      I am feeling more confident, especially since she was very professional and reassuring. She asked me all about my history, whether I had had any problems with my ears in the past i.e. hearing damage. Also my ears have been a lot quieter recently, and in the past two days I have actually had times (though I don't know for how long they've lasted) where the T has actually gone. So I am hoping that, even though I still get down about it at times, that it will go.

      What I wanted to ask is do people think I should still go to a ENT? Or should I just give it some time?

      P.S. The doctor also said that ENTs say that you should try to pop your ears by pinching your nose, blowing and swallowing at least once every hour - though you should not blow very hard.
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      I was told by an audiologist the same "since you're young, it probably will go away". My ENT said to just get used to it until it goes away. I haven't been told to try the whole popping your ears trick. I seems risky to me. I'm new to this stuff, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I'm sure other people here will give you very good advice. I hope you get better.

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