What a Birthday :(

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Aug 31, 2014.

    1. valeri

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      Feeling down and sad.....
      I never imagined my life being like this.
      Never thought I would get into this lethargy mode where nothing makes me happy.
      Sorry folks if I'm too negative today, but days like this make me extra emotional and sad:(
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    2. st0rch

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      I'm sorry, you are not alone. We can only hope for the best.
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      T can be such a change to our normal life that it can bring us down a lot of time. We understand how sad it can. But don't lose heart, Valeri. Things will always change and positivity can be just around the corner. A few years back facing my ultra high pitch T, a high energy dog whistle which resonates in my whole head, and then being hit by severe hyperacusis which turned all normal sounds into glassy quality, as if someone is scratching glass with metal in my ears, I too was very depressed and not knowing how to survive T & H plus the horrible symptoms of relentless anxiety and panic attacks triggered by T & H. I never thought good life can be had again. But today I am living a happy, normal and enjoyable life. So I exhort you to try to be positive about your situation and the future. Things may turn out not as bad as you thought. Hang in there and cheer up.

      Here is an extract of a wonderful touching story Meeruf posted in his thread about a treatment camp, and in post 19 you will find this touching story and message of positivity from a 92 old gentleman and the title of the story is called 'bank account':

      Bank account

      A 92 year old man, of small stature, well-balanced and proud, fully dressed every morning 08.00 am, with his hair neatly combed and with a perfect shave (even tho is he was practically blind), moved to an retirement home today.

      His 70 year old wife had recently passed away, so he had to move to a nursing home. After many hours of patiently waiting he met me with a big smile when I told him his room was ready.

      While he moved his walking frame towards the elevator I gave him a short description of his little room, included the new curtains the nurses put up.

      "Its wonderful, I like it," he declared with an enthusiasm like an eight year old boy that just discovered his new puppy. "Mr. Smith, wait until you have seen the room," I told him. "That does not matter at all," he replied. "Happiness are something you can decide in advance. If I like the room or not have nothing to do about how the furniture is arranged... It's how I arrange my thoughts that matters. I have already decided to like my room.

      It's a decision I do every morning when I wake up. I have a choice. I can either lie down and think about all the parts of my body that does not work anymore, or get out of the bed and be thankful for what I still have.

      Every day is a gift, as long as I live, I will always focus on the positive and the good memories I have. Being old is like a bank account. You can raise comforts from every good memory you have saved up. If I can give you any advice it would be that you have to deposit good memories to your account. As much as you can.

      Thank you for your contribution to fill my account with. I still do a lot of deposits."

      Remember these rules for happiness;
      1. Free your heart from hate
      2: Free yourself from worries.
      3: Live a simple life
      4: Give more
      5: Expect less.
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      Hi Valeri,yes didn't see your post till after Happy Birthday sent your way.
      Your on a downer,you've been here before,but you've come back up,any worries going on outside T,to getting you this low ?
      Think what Billie says sums it up.
      I know how hard it is to get in a good place on these days,not one of us would say different know matter what.
      How's things at work now with that rubbish of a boss you've got ?that giving you a downer anymore ,she could raise up anxiety to a saint.
      Don't sit in on your birthday. Go out and do something lighten your spirit up,then come on TT and tell us what you've done today.Go treat yourself.
      This time next Sunday your look back on today,and sigh.Done it myself,as others have.your come back from today,we always do,bet your boots on it.God love Ya ,we want a Birthday smile from you. Biggest of a Hug from me to you,you know where we are,key taps away.XXX
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