What Are Your Thoughts? Uncertainty of the Future... Can Tinnitus Get Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mand b, Jan 17, 2016.

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      I have been thinking how T makes me feel and in all honesty it scares me because of the uncertainty of it like not knowing how its going to go in the future but I presume we all think the same and presume the worst in terms of it getting louder to extremes we can't imagine. But above all that what scares me is the thought that it could become so bad that suicide feels like the only way out. Now I consider myself not a suicidal person I don't think I would ever have the guts to do it but can someone like me get to that stage even though suicide scares me more than T? I have read a few suicides on other forums due to T and it makes me feel sick to the stomach thinking is that how bad it can get? What are your thoughts on this would you say there is more people living with T at a severe level then those that do commit suicide? I say severe because I imagine most of us feel able to cope better when its lower in volume and not as aware of it. But also I wanted to know how common is T really like is it that common to have T and at a intrusive level? I guess I just need encouragement that it doesn't mean its all down hill and that people can lead a normal life even if it is bad. I have gone through it being so loud no external sounds override it and I think to myself I know in my heart I could not live like that every single day I only have hope because I don't have it at that level every single day because mine fluctuates. I just hope it does not get to that stage where its like a deafening noise continous because that would scare me x
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      In my case the T has progressed in 3 major stages over the last 14 years to controllable to out of control. Suicide is a grim end to this T in this stage of my life I'm only 41 very educated very skilled but disabled because of this T. I still have hope but uncertainty too. I think that you learn to live with it if your a mellow person. I'm a mellow person by nature. I think If your high strung or if I was high strung I'd be dead already. T for me is ear piercing/slicing ring running through my ears into my head with excruciating pain levels that never go away, constantly there. That's where I am. How I got there? 12 years of working in power plants with exposure to high frequency noise in the tools, equipment and the plant running itself. Along with several head trauma injuries, motorcycle head injuries with scarse, automobile head injuries, snow boarding injury, water skiing injury and a few blows to the head fighting and wrestling when I was in my twenties and a tree knocked me out once, needles to say a lot of concussions. Also disc herniated in lumbar 2009 contributing to the second stage and then cervical herniated in 2012 continuing to the third stage that I'm in atm. I'm in a lot of pain as I type this and I feel your pain too. The best advice I can give you is to identify what is causing your T and stop it now!!! Be it occupational noise pollution, concerts, stress, head injuries, car audio, audio head sets, cervical disorders, inner ears disorders or whatever it may be you have to stop exposing your self to those environments or stresses to prevent future progressions of T in volume and frequencies. I had MRI today of the auditory cortex CT scans on Wednesday 2/24/16 and now I'm struggling to get some sorta of diagnosis/conclusion. Where stress is the culprit to increased symptoms of T. Hang in there your gonna be ok, avoid the contributing factors and sleep with a fan next to your head to drown out the T. Have some testing done as I have by neurologist who specializes in hearing and balance. I'm in New Orleans and I'm under the care of Cullichia Hearing and balance center a LSU Health Center with Dr. Moses Arriaga who I'm not very pleased with his staff atm but he is the best neurologist in my city. If you have fluid in your ears that needs to be drained or too lessen the pains of effects of T. I'm on my second week of injectable histamine to dry out my inner ears so I don't know if it's going to work yet. I suspect it will not. As I have severe chronic tinnitus that is very loud and the frequency is very sharp ear piercing frequency. I have s lot of experience with T I've seen a lot of doctors, I'm happy to help you in any way I can questions, direction out advice. I'm thinking about starting a foundation to bring awareness to this horrible condition. J
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      My story is too long and horrible to go into. Super loud, yup. H, yup. Infections, yup. High anxiety, yup. Louder through the years, yup. A year and a half ago I was REALLY scared. It was really loud and there was no escape.
      Read on .... https://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/back-to-silence.7172/
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      Driving Truck
      After my initial onset of T the tone and intensity settled to the current level and has not changed in over 20 years...
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      Hey @Mand b

      I agree with your comments. You bring up a good point, how to continue to cope with intrusive T getting louder. That would be terrible.

      The future? Trouble is that might bring changes. Thats the part I don't like. My Doctor suggested to change my AD medication last week. Allready I don't know what to do. Emailed the Doctor.

      If things stay constant, like T. Maybe we can cope, get a schedule, a routine, pills to take. Any changes scare me too. Will other health issues will surface? Let’s all hope for living a long normal enjoyable life, even with T.

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