What Do You Consider Pulsatile Tinnitus to Sound Like?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lulu187, Oct 10, 2019.

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      Hey guys,

      Just trying to figure out if I have pulsatile tinnitus or regular tinnitus. Would be great to get some thoughts from you guys about what you think.

      Onset: beginning September 2019 right ear only.


      The ringing is always there, but does lower in volume and rise in volume. Sounds like a tuning fork that sounds like it's sometimes getting waved in front of my ear. An unstable noise, which is extremely distressing, definitely not the heart beat noise

      Right ear is extremely loud when laying flat, this is the only time the left ear joins in and creates a very low humming noise which freaks me out, but not the same as a heart beat. This has caused me to stop laying down, now I have to sleep elevated on about 4 thick pillows. Yawning makes it really loud, then it goes back to the baseline ring after my yawn!

      The right ear is a mid frequency continuous ring, not a heart beat thud which I experience temporarily on top of the ring when I lie flat also.

      The continuous ring of tinnitus significantly lowers in volume cardiovascular exercise such as half an hour of running, stepper machine. It also lowers after a long walk. Only to come back again to its usual volume after sitting for around 15 minutes.

      When I press on the area directly beneath my earlobe (the part on between where the (border of the jaw meets the neck) while standing the volume lowers significantly. This doesn't work when I'm lying down though.

      I sometimes get left sided chest pain, bit this has been going on for around a year now. Way before the tinnitus started.

      I regularly get very cold hands and feet and have been for many years.

      Wondering if any of these are related to PT?
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      This doesn't sound like PT. PT is more of a whoosh whoosh whoosh that varies, but is in time to your heartbeat. It sounds like what you would hear on an ultrasound of heartbeat.

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