What Has Changed Regarding Treating Tinnitus in the Last 10 Years? Worried for my Dad.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cardigan, Jul 17, 2015.

    1. Cardigan

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      Hello everyone. I'm new here & I had no idea a forum like this exists but after some Googling I found this rather wonderful place. I'm here because I'm curious to know what has changed in the world of tinnitus in the last 10 years or so. The reason I ask is because my dad has suffered from tinnitus for quite some time after a surgery to remove excessive amounts of earwax. He has something called "mechanical tinnitus" or "mekanisk tinnitus" in Swedish and I know very little about it but I find it very painful to watch when he's in pain or knowing that he's sometimes getting no sleep at all unless he can distract himself because of the nonstop sound. He usually says that he doubts the treatment for tinnitus has changed since he last "treated it" (10 years ago) hence the question, any answer is very appreciated & any tips you can give that I can share to him and so on would be very kind.

      Best regards, a worried 19 year old son from Sweden.
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      So far nothing has changed, there's still no way to treat the root cause of tinnitus but that might change in the near future, some clinical trials are ongoing as we speak.
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      Try going to the success stories forum. There may be things there that could help your dad.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      A cure or some relief without huge side-effects couldnt come sooner.
      In three years the t and H have gotten worse. Thus depression and anxiety as well have gotten worse.
      bless you and your dad, its a pretty special relationship.
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      Please tell me what happened to your dad - i have ear wax that must be removed and i am worried by your post. My ear is completely blocked with wax and apparently water got in behind the wax which is why it now is blocked. Have to go to ENT on Thursday to have it removed - thanks
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      (Health) Anxiety
      There are currently trials with meds like AUT00063 and soon SF0034.
      Also an epilepsy drug called Trobalt seems to give relief (SF0034 is build on top of that with less side effects).
      For the moment, have much empathy and patience with your dad. Severe T is really difficult to live with.
    7. AUTHOR

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      Thanks a lot for your kindness everyone. He got it 20 years ago I think. And he had a inflammation of the ear which resulted to them having to suck out air or wax (can't remember which) to fix it but that failed horribly and hence his tinnitus. This is a great forum & I've shared some of the information given here with him & he's very appreciative and is very happy something like this website exists.

      Best regards, Cardigan.

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