What if this isn't tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Neenie, Dec 2, 2013.

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      Everytime I swallow, I feel/hear a popping clicking noise. Everytime I talk I can feel a popping/clicking sound. This happened at the exact same time my tinnitus started. No-one in the medical field takes this symptom seriously. No one credits the fact that the two may be related. I'm so tired of having to work out my own solutions with no family support. My Mum cancelled Christmas this year because we are not religious. Does she not understand that Christmas is about spending time with family, not about religion! Nevermind, I'm too self involved to even care about Christmas, or going to uni, or my marriage, or my friends, or my family. I just want this all to end and I just know it wont. Everyone just says "oh it'll get better" but the only reason they say it because they have nothing better or more constructive to say. No-one actually cares when I complain about the noise. No-one actually cares if it's there or not. Only I care. Anyway, back on topic, I've been trying to work out what frequency my tinnitus it is and I just can't match it. I go to higher frequencies and think "No it's lower". Then I go to lower frequencies and I think, "No, it's higher". I just can't match it. And it doesn't sound like all the You Tube examples of Tinnitus. It is a ringing, but not like anything else I've heard. Everyone is saying that I just look for reasons to be miserable. Is that even possible that a person seeks out reasons to be miserable, why would anyone do that? What benefit does that have? None that I know of. In class today we had a presentation about survival skills in South Sudan. It was just an off-topic presentation but really interesting because people there actually have to survive. After hearing all that I still thought...."no, my tinnitus is worse than having to run from gun shots" Great perspective there Nina. Great. Sigh
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      acoustic trauma
      I had the clicking sound, too for a few months but it eventually went away. I think it is stress related because it came when i was very anxious about my tinnitus
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      I´m just the same as you Neenie, i don´t care about Christmas, i don´t care about presents ( i won´t be buying any ) i don´t care that my Husband is looking forward to Christmas " I´M NOT " all i care about is this effing affliction
      that consumes my life... i felt quite positive over the weekend because i had a few days of quiet and it was wonderful... but today the peace has gone and i´m back to feeling sad, alone, lost, and quite frankly pissed off!!!
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      for me these clicking poping sounds when swallowing and the vibrations when talking appeared 12 years before the tinnitus, but if you"re in a room with music or being outside in the city, the tympany won't vibrate cause it's too busy vibrating with the music or the noise :)

      that is really not an issue compared to tinnitus...
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      Survive we must. One day, I decided I was just hearing pulsing-nerves in my head. My own doctor looked at me and said "So", after me complaining about Tinnitus. My own wife thinks, Oh everybody has that, it's just lack of sleep. A lack of understanding.

      I envy the people that wake up and say their Tinnitus is low. Mine's loud 24/7. Sometimes in life you don't have a choice, like in open water swimming, you can't stop. Don't stop your life for this noise.

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