What Imaging for Tinnitus? MRI, MRA, CT? Three ENT Doctors Suggest Different Things

Discussion in 'Support' started by Margaret Dodd, Jun 10, 2020.

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      I have seen 3 ENT doctors advising different imaging.

      MRI of the internal auditory canals to rule out the presence of acoustic neuroma leading to the onset of tinnitus / CTA of the head and neck with contrast for further evaluation.

      MRA (MR angiogram)

      Most recently the ENT in Denver recommended CT of temporal bone and head and neck with and without contrast.
      This one also recommended 10 days of Cipro which I was reluctant to take so I have taken Augmentin the last 6 days as an alternative..

      Any advice on procedure preference?
      Is there any doctor recommendations for Colorado?

      Thank you!!
      Margaret Dodd
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      Noise exposure (most likely)
      The most detailed imaging is from MRI. Be warned however that the MRI machine is loud. So you might want to use foam plugs. CT scans aren't that loud. Don't know about MRA. There are other threads discussing MRI.

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