What Is Getting Me Through This (Very Short Success Post)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mclyra, Jan 18, 2016.

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      No, I'm not cured but I'm so incredibly better than back in September. Still have the occasional bad (awful) day, but mostly what bothers me the most now it's the ears popping (I think I'm getting used to popping them anyway, maybe it is my fault).

      No reiki, no changes in diet, no betaserc: what did it for me was only coming here for the success stories. Nothing but success stories. I tried to read tinnitus oriented self-help books, but though they mean well, they only got me more anxious.

      Sorry if it seems selfish.
      But it is doing the trick.
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      Really don't know
      Hey!!! Thanks for the input! I am getting used to the ringing as well.. But the ear popping still gets me annoyed a lot... Hope you continue to feel better... I, just like you gave time the time to help me cope with this tinnitus... No meds.. No masking ... Etc... I've taking some supplements here and there .. And hydroxizyne rarely when I really have a bad day so I can sleep... Other than that .. Just trying to live with it... I try to keep myself busy and I started to get my life back little by little... Next month .. On the 15 it will be a year since I got t... First 7 months were hell.. I'm better now thank God.. Thanks again for the success story!!!!
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      Music, noise.
      I agree. The success stories are a huge, huge help.

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