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Discussion in 'Collaboration Space' started by Tinnitus Talk, May 31, 2016.

    1. We’re creating guides to help people using your comments, suggestions and references.

      The idea is that we all pitch in together to create something that really helps other tinnitus patients (and even to help ourselves). Let's give the benefit of our wisdom and make something that will be truly useful for everyone.

      The first thing here is our help guide. We worked on it as something for all newbies but now we want to add to it so that it becomes something anyone can look to when they want to get some tips and advice on what can help.

      If you have any suggestions for new projects just let us know, either message or tag us with your ideas @Steve @Markku. You can send us a conversation message by clicking here.

      When posting in the suggestion threads, please try and take into account what has already been said and what is already in the guide.

      We will update the Content thread as we go, adding all of your great ideas from the Suggestion threads.

      The guide will have references so we know it's all high quality information. So please, where you can, back up ideas with a reference. Not everything needs it but where you want to say (for example) that exercise is known to help, paste a link to some research that helps to prove that.

      Thanks for taking part!

      Tinnitus Talk.
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    2. Path Maker

      Path Maker Member Benefactor

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      This is awesome! :) Thank you to all the folks behind this and to everyone who takes the time to post. What a wonderful first resource for the newly stressed internet searcher ... :) Accolades to y'all!
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    3. glynis

      glynis Member Benefactor Ambassador Hall of Fame

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      Meniere's Disease
      Great to read this and I know it will help so many people....lots of love glynis
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    4. christinefisher

      christinefisher Member Benefactor

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      Loud Noise
      Great initiative! Especially for those that experience it first time and search for details.. It's nice to have them all gathered in one forum.. I don't have much experience but will try to contribute :) many wishes for the new guide!!
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    5. Eduardo Neves

      Eduardo Neves Member

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      Exposure to noise
      Very good!!!!
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    6. christophe

      christophe Member

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      trauma acoustique progressif
      still a good initiative
      bravo et merci
      good-evening in paris
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    7. Song interpreter

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      Too much noise
      I wanted to do this for my mothers of twins club, but it got hijacked by someone that did not understand my vision... My twins are now 34... Just in case you might be curious.
    8. Philip

      Philip Member

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      Sinus infection or noise exposure or both
      yes something that can cut through the mountains of data and opinions on tinnitus would be very useful.

      A no no guide would be helpful. People pitch in and talk about things that are really unhelpful like loud music for example. A lot of people feel tinnitus is in their heads rather than their ears and it doesn't occur to them to avoid loud areas.

      Also a first week in guide. Like info on masking and help with anxiety and sleep. People should probably quickly go on corticosteroids like Prednisone to at least help mitigate the tinnitus. A quick Ear test check up etc. Its nerve wreaking that terrifying first week. We need to pool our experiences for the newly initiated tinnitus sufferers.
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    9. Matterhorn

      Matterhorn Member

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      1 week
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      Idea: to exchange ideas to help each other with tips and success stories.

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