What Is with Ear Pain?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mark Beehre, Sep 2, 2015.

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      Hi Community,

      After nearly 10 months since my tinnitus resurgence I have been having ear pain on and off. It feels like someone is poking my ear drum. On some days I barely notice it, and then on others it's constant or appears regularly. It is most uncomfortable and I experience it in quiet and noisy environments and cannot find any correlation between the two. I've had an MRI, Cat Scan, been to several Audiologists and ENT and no one can help. Does anyone have similar experience?

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      hyperacousis probably.
    3. If it's not strongly triggered by sound (especially MRI), I would expect it to be from TTTS (Tonic Tensor Tympani Syndrome). I believe that type of pain (sharp, slowly periodic, and not strongly associated with sound) is not rare for people with tinnitus. If it is TTTS, relaxation/tension reduction and a reduction in the desire to protect your own ears from sound (including tinnitus tones) is supposed to help. Headaches and eustachian tube issues are also thought to improve some with this strategy. That pain for me generally goes away shortly after I make an effort to just relax which is sometimes easier said than done.

      Hyperacusis pain is usually a dull ache or burning sensation and is strongly tied to sound exposure.

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