What Is Your Tinnitus Habituation Story?

Discussion in 'Support' started by nahtnam, Aug 13, 2020.

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      Impacted Ear Wax
      Here's mine (still on the road to recovery):

      I got tinnitus after my ear wax blocked my ear canal. I went to urgent care to have it removed but by then it was too late :(. I went back to college and had pretty much no problem with it. It was pretty much non-existent and I'd only hear it if I had noise cancelling headphones with nothing playing.

      Recently, I had my first massive spike (presumably due to allergies) and it became really bad. I could hear it over people, music, running, etc.

      After about a month or so it's finally subsiding, still super loud but not enough to keep me from grinding through my day.

      Has anyone else gone through a spike like this? Were you able to recover to your original amount? Did it take you weeks, months, years, decades?

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