What to Take When Suffering From a Big Headache?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Geo, May 2, 2015.

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      I get very bad headcahes and ear aches from spikes caused by my H.. They are very painful and seems like its a daily thing as my H reacts to every thing.. Is there anything type of medicine i can take to relieve me of some pain.. Thats my not be harmful to my Horrid T...
    2. Flexeril. Worked great on my ears and my h induced headaches..

      It might even help your T! but the dose is like 30mg and that is alot! 10mg makes me pass out..
    3. Rina

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      Really don't know
      I was on flexeril last week and it was good... However, now that I'm not on it T seems louder... Just my own experience ... Or maybe it's because now I have a cold .. I was taking 10mg at night only
    4. Bertman
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      Hey, just wondering if you've found anything that works well for you? I've been going through the same thing lately.

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