What Was Bad Is So Much Worse!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mcdolly, Dec 5, 2014.

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      I am a 54 fairly fit female. I have had a high pitched hissing in both ears since 1999. At first I thought it was something in my wiring at home but well you know. Nov. 8th this year I attended my daughters bday party. They had an inexperienced dj. I sat fairly close to the speakers(where I was placed) I knew it was super horrible loud but well it's music right? I was there for about 2 hrs. I drove home with a headache and my ears humming like an amp had been turned on in my head. I took vicodin and went to sleep. The next day was still bad and the bones around my ears hurt. With my sisters advise I used garlic oil The pain subsided but the next eve it was like there was a hellicopter by my bed. It was scarry!! That went away but I am left with sound distortion (most low voices sound like droids) and music is off key and distorted. My ears seem to stuff up on and off and pressure in my head. The doctors (family doctors) says it will go away but I am horrified! It has been almost a month and I love music and enjoy singing. I pray everyday this will go away. I also am dizzy to some degree 80% of the time. I Did the meds(prednisone, antihistamine, fluticasone nothing has helped. I have found that covering my ears with ear protection earmuffs to drown out some vibrations helps some and ice on my ears several times a day helps a little for dizziness but the sounds are still so distorted and I now have a low pitched choppy humming and the same high pitched sound that was but it's louder. I see an allergist and an ent the coming week I hope they help me. Nice to know I'm not alone.
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