When There's External Sound of the Same Tinnitus Pitch

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ellen, Apr 16, 2013.

    1. Ellen

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      Several times, I got confused when I hear the T sound, and someone else says they hear the same, and oh, it's coming from that TV or that external device, etc.

      So apparently, there are quite a lot of external sounds that sounds an exact copy of my T.

      It's just that ever since having the T, I can't tell if it's coming off my head or external, or from both.

      Whereas for the other people around me, they could straightaway pinpoint where it comes from - and when they walk away, the noise cease from their hearing of course.

      This external sound, when it sounds like the T inside my head, didn't cancel out my T at all.

      And if it's not cancelling out, I'd rather walk away from the external noise.. if only I know it's external!

      Even though I can't tell the difference if it's from off my head, yet it's better not to be so exposed. In fact, it may just be being exposed to this external pitch that got me this form of T in the first place.

      This one refused to even get cancelled i.e no residual habituation. Confounding!
    2. Danny

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      I'm the same way, from time to time I have to ask my wife if she heard that or is it just me...dumb ehh?
    3. Lord of the Ring

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      Hehe, same here. I think it's normal. Sometimes there are sounds around us that 'match' our tinnitus pitch, so…
    4. Roko

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      Same for me too but when there is old tv around i know because i can literally hear my T increases inside my head...for example I can hear those old tv's frequencies when i'm walking by some building, and see the tv light on the window which is on the 4th floor.

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