Why Can't We All Just Snap Our Fingers and Say "This Isn't Going to Bother Me Anymore."

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marie79, Apr 30, 2016.

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      I know many people who have been able to do that. Believe me I have been talking about T to ALOT of people.

      There are the ones that went through the freak out stage like many of us, ones that said "crap this sucks it's annoying" then realized it wasn't going away so they just shrugged their shoulders and moved on. Then the ones that when they did freak out, realized they couldn't do anything about it and just stopped letting it affect their life.
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      I wish it were that easy. I've had mine for a bit over two months now. The first two weeks were the worst, but now although my anxiety is better, T still bothers me. I guess there are many factors that contribute to it. Personality is a big one. I have always had a very active mind and was always very introspective, for me it is a lot harder to pretend it's not there. I also think age or where you are in your life or what you have or have not accomplished also play a big role. Being young, not having lived most of my life yet, concentrating on finishing up school, finding a job, living in the place that I want to be living, finding a partner in crime all for me personally make it that much harder as opposed to someone who is older has a family and is more stable.
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      I think it is how each person's brain functions. Some people can really adapt to this and others are so busy thinking about other problems that they "tune out" their T most of the time. Also, I think the perception of the loudness of T can have a huge affect on people. Some people where they only hear it when it is really quiet may be able to habituate a lot faster than someone who hears it over everything. I am so fortunate to have today's hearing aids and with the masker's built in. The hearing aids can really take a lot of ringing away from me in ambient environments. If the T bothers you I suggest you put your hearing aids in for a while and let your body calm down. Then when you are doing something fun with your friends, take them out and put them in your purse. See if you have a great time with them and tune out the tinnitus. If so, that is a start on habituation.
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      What do you do for work can I ask?

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