Wish I Could Say I Was Happy to Be Here: Tinnitus from Ear Infection / Sinus Issues?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Barbara Watters, Dec 15, 2020.

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      I'm into my third week of tinnitus. It started early on a Sunday with a LOUD ringing in my right ear only. It went away after a few hours but I went to Urgent Care to be on the safe side and I was diagnosed with an ear infection and I was prescribed Amoxicillin and Flonase.

      I was fine for a few days and then noticed ringing coming back in both ears along with crunching in ears when I swallow or yawn. I finished Amoxicillin and followed up with primary care doctor. She said ears were clear but I wasn't using my Flonase right. She said to continue using it correctly for a few days and if no better will send me to an ENT. I was able to get into ENT yesterday and news not great. I do have some mild hearing loss and basically they gave no hope on the tinnitus. They suggested keeping a journal. Nice huh? I need to go back in two months for a retest and exam.

      My questions for this group is the following:

      Despite the hearing loss which I'm assuming happened over a period of time, could the tinnitus still be temporary? Was it caused by the initial ear infection and sinus issue?

      When standing or walking, I can barely notice the tinnitus all, but as soon as I sit or lie down it's there. It acts like congestion almost. Is that normal?

      Despite them saying my ears are clear it still fills like there's something wrong... full feeling and have occasional aches in the ears.

      Doctor suggested some patients have had success with Lipa Flavanoid. . . . whats been your experience?

      Sorry for all the questions! Just looking for better support then the audiologist gave me.
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      After Pregnancy and breastfeeding
      Good morning! I had the same issue as you. When I was pregnant I had my nose stuffed for over a month, then I started hearing this crunching noise when I swallowed and yawned. This kept going until I gave birth and after a month I started having tinnitus in my right ear.

      I went to two ENTs, they both told me I had fluid in my ears. The second one even put me in a mild surgery procedure at his doctor's office to open my eardrum. When he did that he realized that I didn't have fluid in my ears!!! Then I got a CT scan which was clear.

      It's been almost 2 years since they all started and I still have no answer. And my tinnitus is still here with me.

      If you find an answer please tell me too because I'm desperate! I hope yours goes away soon! Best wishes.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Your tinnitus may be somatic type being able to change the ringing by movement or posture. If you don't hear it by standing it is already a great sign. Take that as a positive. Lying down may change your blood flow to the ears. So it may be vascular in nature. Perhaps get the doctor check on that. Don't worry too much. Your T is relatively new and it may improve more with time. If it bothers you consider masking it. Good luck. God bless.
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