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      Hi Everyone..

      Need anyone's input in my current status.

      I am from Malaysia and working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I had a large polyp removed from my outer ear while on vacation in my home country. The would has healed.

      On the plane back to saudi arabia i experienced bad earaches due to pressure and popped my ears and also used Vasalva method, seems to work.

      One week after I settled in, my nose had some slight bleeding maybe due to the heat.

      A few days ago, I cant swallow saliva without creaking sounds coming from my ears , like doing the Vasalva only not so pronounced (normal eating and drinking doesnt produce this sound). I researched and did massages such as pulling the earlobes, massaging along the jawline and yawning very often. The sounds subsided and I was relieved even though I had a sore muscle on the throat and lower jaw due tothe frequent massage.

      Two days ago while at work i suddenly have this ringing sound in my head (located centrally) it was a monotone sound continous. I cant shake it off. Back home I cant sleep and had to take panadol night and managed about two hours of sleep.

      It is very hard to get an appt to see an ENT in saudi arabia..it may take weeks..luckily I had the contact of the ENT surgeon who removed my polyp in Malaysia and contacted him.

      He suggested that I have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and that I should seek treatment.

      Yesterday the sound was less pronounced and only concentrated on my right ear. I email the doctor again informing that to get an appt with an ENT doc here is very hard and if he can suggest any off the counter remedy. He suggested I take two Clarinase tablets (one for day and night) and an antihistamine Zyrtec for once at night.

      Another sleepless night followed and today, the tinnitus is louder than yesterday and still contained in the right ear.

      I have yet to try any nasal decongestants such as Otrivin (Avril) for fear of the rebound effect.

      I try to sleep with the ringing ear at the top and will try to get some sleep tonight by sleeping upright.

      Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated and I feel so alone in this predicament as not many people will understand how it feels.

      Best Regards to all


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