Wondering If I Should Take Prednisone?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Karl28, Aug 24, 2015.

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      So about 2 weeks ago I had a cold.

      And with that cold I had this bad pressure in my ears for almost a whole week and most of the time they just wouldn't pop although sometimes they did with a little bit of force but I mostly left them alone.

      Fast forward another week after that and I felt much better and the pressure was gone but I had this spike in my left ear which came out of no where.

      Now it's been a week and I still have this spike in my left ear and I also now have some pretty bad eustachian tube dysfunction where my ears crunch and crackle when I swallow and also on my left ear when I blow my nose it almost feels like a sharp bit of pain in that sides eustachian tube (maybe thats some left over result from that blocked up ear pressure I had from the cold?)

      I'm just wondering if this spike is connected to all this and if I should maybe take some prednisone I have from a while ago?

      While I'm pretty confident the prednisone would help with the eustachian tube dysfunction (it did last time) I'm worried what would happen to this existing spike I already have it I take it. Maybe it might lock it into place or something compared to it maybe going away if I leave it alone for a few weeks?
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      You should go sit in a steam sauna, this should help clear the gummed up tubes.
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      I would say your spike is most likely caused by some liquid still staying in the upper respiratory ways. Have you tried corticosteroids through the nose yet ? Cleaning nose with sea water , taking stuff like sudafed?

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