Worried I Suffered Permanent Damage from My Work

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      Hello, I work at an answering service (like a call center but not solicitation). About a month ago or so we started getting really load noises coming in randomly. I have had load sounds come through before like fax sounds and pagers and things that hurt but this one just got me good one time. I guess I had my speaker turned up fairly load on the headphones and it came in. My right ear was really hurt. I don't have insurance or anything although I intend to get it checked out. But from everything I have read on the internet it seems like there is going to be no way to tell there is damage. To me it feels like sensitivity like the nerves inside and it even travels to my jaw and my head but mostly my ear just feels much different, randomly hurts and is sensitive. The pressure feels different like when I yawn to pop ears my right one pops later and different. I was wondering if there is any way I can get workman's comp for this? I thought I read somewhere that call centers should have noise restriction on the headphones. Anyways I'm pretty mad about it, it's a shit job and now this happend.
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      I am not familiar with workman's comp protocols.
      Do you have to physically prove you were injured? In which case, the tests are those administered by an audiologist- audiogram, tympanogram, ABR, OAE test.
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      headset spike noise
      hi, I work in a call center in the collections department and I am now in Workers Comp. The 1st of Agust the Tinnitust started, a few months before it started I did complain various times about the noise in the headset being to loud even in the lower volume possible. I did go to an audiologist and found nothing. Then I went to an ENT and he stated the most common possible cause was an Acoustic Trauma because of constant exposure to spikes and loud noises. I have work there for 2 years 8 months, and the issue was worse sence they changed the phones and migrated the servers, it was troubling before but no so much.

      So, I am in workers comp. they give me a miserable diet of max $65 a week and I was earning about $2,000 montly I dont have ways to pay my debts and I am not eligible to do another work or guet unemployment, I am stuk here. It is very dificult with a family to feed.

      I hope that were you are workers comp. provide beter service and compensation.

      best of luck

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