Worse in the Morning When My Mouth Is Dry

Discussion in 'Support' started by tencount, Jul 3, 2013.

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      as with most people i started recording what makes my t worse or better. and one theme that has been the most consistent thus far in my t is during the morning when i wake up if my mouth is not dry the t is always near silent, and for the rest of the day it stays that way. when i wake up and my mouth is dry the t is screaming and remains that way til night time when it dies down a bit.

      for example, this morning i awoke after sleeping for about 5 hours and my mouth was not dry. the t was very low and i stayed awake a bit to enjoy the near silence then went back to sleep. woke up 3 hours later with a dry mouth and t screaming. this isnt the first night its like this but i wonder if anyone else has this type of pattern. ive always suspected i may be a teeth clencher while sleeping, i dont think teeth clenching caused my t but it might probably aggravate it.
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      Hi tencount,howare your jaw muscles around your ear in the mornings ? I really grind ,I have bitten through £500 neuro dentist night guards for instance ,doesnt help my TMJ problems thats for sure
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      my jaw doesn't feel any different in the mornings. but i do notice sometimes the right side of my face is a little numb during the day, (t is only in the right ear) especially in the early weeks of onset. i went to a gp and she told me i dont appear to have tmj after feeling my jaw and neck muscles. i ordered some night guards to see if they'll help.

      im going to try video recording myself while sleeping to see if i do anything odd. because i feel like there might be something that i do during sleep that worsens the t. i say this because my t fluctuates to either extremely good almost no t days to very horrible ringing days. i dont seem to get anything in between. so far, luckily my days have mostly been good.
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      I notice that when I have my fake teeth in the my dry mouth issue is not an issue but of course the T's are still blaring away. Any reason for this dry mouth issue? Really oft T's subject.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
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      not sure
      OSA or obstructive sleep apnea? Sinus congestion? These two conditions separate or combined can cause breathing through the mouth which can cause dryness. I have sleep apnea as well as sinus congestion. On those nights when I found myself breathing through my mouth due to congested sinus, the brain can get a bit oxygen deprived and the resultant T can be horrendous.
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      Unknown, maybe age
      With me when i wake up with strong t it is always with dry mouth. Typically it would be a short but deep sleep where I wake up with a dream still vivid and the mouth dry.
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      in the day i'm not too bad
      wake up at night once n T is blaring.
      blaring in the morning too.....

      started drinking 3 glasses of water and doing yoga and tibetan rites,,,,,, seems to help.
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      I know this is years later but I found this thread and am amazed that my pattern is similar. My t tends to be low and tolerable for about 2 days (so nice). Then I have a restless night where I wake numerous times hot and my mouth very dry and my t screaming. I also wake numerous times on these nights and have very vivid dreams. The screaming t goes on for about 2 days then I quiet again for 2...

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