Would Love to Know What's Wrong with Me — Continuous Ear Pain

Discussion in 'Support' started by maloumelbs, Sep 20, 2017.

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      Sound/Muscle tension/Cold/Flu ?
      Hi, I am dealing with continuous pain in my left ear (since May 2016).

      It all started when I had a bad flu and was listening to music in my headphones (DJing) and putting strain on my neck by leaning forward most of the day. It started last winter and lasted for about 5 months. Those months were horrible. Pain was full on, throbbing, stabbing electric shock pain and could not handle high pitch or low pitch sounds. It was so bad I couldn't even go to work and got quite depressed. Saw ENT specialists, did scans, spend so much money all clear, had antibiotics, they even perforated my ear drum. Then I was sent to a neurologist who thought it had something to do with nerve damage but wasn't sure and put me on medication (Lyrica), I was only able to use this for a short time as it was making me sleepy, down and just not myself. I started to see a chiro and done acupuncture and massage, and this is when i actually felt some relief, this was accompanied with the weather getting better. Then when the summer started i suddenly had a lot less pain and was able to listen to music again and the pain i had was gone.

      But then as soon as autumn started about 4/5 months ago it all started over again, again it started with a flu and with having about 4 flu's this winter i have been struggling and have not been able to touch music at all. Also people speaking loudly or any loud sound makes me cringe.. I am currently recovering from a flu and my left ear is constantly burning and sound is a no go. I feel my head is quite tense and muscles are stiff. I tried steaming (towel over head) which gave some relief so try that as well.

      I did a lot research and i have the feeling it has got something to do with my muscles and nerves which get irritated or spasms. I haven't been diagnosed but tensor tympani really resonates with me. I am seeing a specialist for this and for other auditory problems this Friday and I hope they can potentially really help me. I'll let you know how I go.


      I don't have any tinnitus sounds or thumping. Just pain. Also my ear pops most of the times.
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      exposure to broken muffler noise
      HI Maloumelbs:

      I have no idea what may be causing your overall condition. But it is clear , as part of it all, that you have some hyperacusis, and you do NOT want that to get worse. So I would highly suggest you put an end to your DJing career, and avoid all abnormally loud sound environments.

      Take care. I sincerily wish you all the best.

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      Several causes
      Hi, it seems you had a bit of a bad combo that triggered this situation: loud music, flu (it changed how we perceive sounds, and can block the eustachian tube etc), neck tension, stress. Check if you are breathing normally or anxiously. The breathing rythm may change slowly without your noticing, and it affects how we process sound too. Take a breath and see if the air is driven from your nose to your throat; it would take a pretty good nose for that. If your nose is blocked, or the eustachian tube is blocked, the air wont go through the whole way.

      I think you may have made the problem worse by visiting so many doctors, but most of us, including me, have been there. As of today, there is no cure for hyperacusis, but some loud medical tests can make it a lot worse, so my advice would be to try to partially adapt your lifestyle to this new issue with loud sound. Physiotherapy, which you have tried, does make a difference, as it will relieve the tension in your neck and upper back. Try to stretch too, it helps.

      Another piece of good advice is spend the money, which you seem to be doing, but spend it on things that may relax you and take the focus out of H. If you can afford it, go for a long vacation on a quiet place and see how you feel in 3 months. Believe me, it can make a big difference and it is worth trying. You have a good chance of improving since your H is recent. When this problem stays for like 2-3 years, chances for recovery are a lot slimmer. Good luck!

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