WSJ Article: Army Tests Hearing Drug at the Rifle Range

Discussion in 'Research News' started by tokyotony, Aug 22, 2015.

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      Good article from the Wall Street Journal..."Medicine might prevent noise-induced hearing damage, a persistent problem for soldiers repeatedly firing loud weapons"
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      From the article:

      Earlier this year, researchers published the results of a study in Marines of a compound called N-acetylcysteine. The trial found no significant effect on overall hearing loss. But there were indications the substance has promise, according to Richard Kopke, principal investigator and CEO of Hough Ear Institute in Oklahoma City, and he hopes to test it in combination with a second one.
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      Oh please, NAC is OTC herbal shop supplement....
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      May 2014

      From the article:

      The compound being tested, a liquid form of a micronutrient called d-methionine that is found in cheese and other foods, was developed into a drug by Kathleen C.M. Campbell, an audiologist and professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

      I know the WSJ sometimes blocks links. So you may have to search google news for it get to through there. That's how I found this.. search, "military testing hearing damage"

      I wish they'd use the military for more clinical trials, particularly tinnitus, as tinnitus is the biggest cost of military disability. I'd rather see people leading productive lives than suffering from tinnitus.
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      Ear infection
      Just buy some white egg powder.

      Food sources of Methionine[14]
      Food g/100g
      Egg, white, dried, powder, glucose reduced 3.204
      Sesame seeds flour (low fat) 1.656
      Egg, whole, dried 1.477
      Cheese, Parmesan, shredded 1.114
      Brazil nuts 1.008
      Soy protein concentrate 0.814
      Chicken, broilers or fryers, roasted 0.801
      Fish, tuna, light, canned in water, drained solids 0.755
      Beef, cured, dried 0.749
      Bacon 0.593
      Beef, ground, 95% lean meat / 5% fat, raw 0.565
      Pork, ground, 96% lean / 4% fat, raw 0.564
      Wheat germ 0.456
      Oat 0.312
      Peanuts 0.309
      Chickpea 0.253
      Corn, yellow 0.197
      Almonds 0.151
      Beans, pinto, cooked 0.117
      Lentils, cooked 0.077
      Rice, brown, medium-grain, cooked 0.052
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      It is still suggested here with no basis behind it.

      Methionine may as well be a supplement, but it is not marketed as such. Both NAC and methionine are amino acids and readily availble in lots of foods.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      The US military spends for more on promoting themselves-TV ads and such than they do to find treatment for tinnitus and Hyperacusis. So 22 men commit suicide per day most of them have chronic T. Fascism is ugly!
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      22? OMG so many?! where did u find that ?
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      I've been following the d-methionine study for years. With this being an active forum, I'm surprised how little coverage it has received. I've email Dr. Campbell a few questions and she has responded. I've tried to get d-methionine in it's raw forum and have a compounding pharmacy make it for me. Unfortunately, you can't purchase it unless you are a researcher or a pharma company. But I did try.:) I know of no other oral drug that "might" help T that has made it to Phase 3. With most of us dealing with chronic T, the study doesn't address this but sign me up when it's available.
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      Not that ease according to Dr. Campbell:

      Campbell: D-Methionine is a micronutrient found in common foods such as cheese and yogurt—so it's not alien to the human digestive system. It's a component of high quality fermented protein in the diet and it's been studied for decades in both human and animal nutrition studies as well as our previous clinical trials for chemotherapy (i.e., cisplatin) induced hearing loss and radiation induced oral mucositis. I should note one simply cannot take a whole lot of protein and hope to get the same result, that won't work! It would take over 5 pounds of cheese for a single dose of D-met. Not much fun!
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      Anyone know anything of D-Methionine. It is the first time I read something about this drug (phase 3 nothing more and nothing less). It's strange. He had not read anything about SODIUM.

      Someone can enlighten us?
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      Noise induced
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      And Sodium thiosulphate?

      I agreed to put the link but do not take nothing of it. It seems there is not much information on that amino acid (methionine) which is in phase III. It's strange. Still I think that is interesting news to publish. It is of recent date.

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      Most likely hearing loss

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