Yay! I Have an Evaluation Scheduled for Tuesday!

Discussion in 'Support' started by SueR, Dec 10, 2013.

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      After reading up on H from here and other places on the net... 6 hours I spent isolating myself last night... yes, NOW I know that's not a good thing, but seriously would not have been able to tolerate it - yet anyway.

      ... anyway, after reading up, I really do think I suffer from H. Sounds like it fits to a T (no pun intended). I called my son's audiologist and asked if she had any recommendations for an audiologist specifically with experience in H and she gave me the name of a person on the North Shore. For those who might be from this area (Boston), the person's name is Dierdre Anderson, in Salisbury. She also has an office in Methuen, but there is a longer wait time for that location. I don't care how long a drive it is, I want the sooner appt!

      I'm tolerating my office noises... typing and my little spaceheater. I did wear my earplug during a conference call, but it did make it hard to hear the person on the phone because the unplugged ear has T. I didn't even know she was talking at one point. Hallway chatter and kitchen noise is still bothersome. I'm shutting my door instead of plugging the ear in those cases, until I can tolerate again.

      Baby steps! ...at least I know where I can turn to for support.
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