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      Dear all,

      I want to share something with you, not quite T success stories, but this "YES, I CAN" campaign for the Rio Paralympics is truly wonderful. All those men and women built a successful life and career, even though they have pretty serious disabilities (a lot of them would never become an athlete if they were "normal", interesting huh?). Blind soccer, running without legs, playing a piano with literally no arms, drive a drift car just with legs etc. These people are amazing and they could teach a lesson to all of us to be positive no matter what.

      We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics...

      Yes, I know for some of you being one legged would be a smaller devil than the ringing, I know...I feel the same very often, but this video is truly focusing on the point that yes, we have disabilities, yes, we are far away from being perfect, but still...we can live a great life if we really want to. We set up the boundaries in our head and nobody will crush them, if we fitfully want to keep it. It`s our goal to widen our limits and make the first step in order to leave the boundaries behind.

      Listen, I know you are afraid, I know you had your future dreams crushed for the moment, I know sometimes it feels like pain to live, I know that everything is changed and you won`t be the same person again, I know every single fear of yours, your anxiety, your depression, everything. But believe me...these things not describe you as a person and deep inside your body there is someone who truly knows you can overcome on this, because you are not dropped to this world to suffer, you are here to enjoy every single moment of your life. Please listen to that person deep inside and start a new chapter in your life, fill it with happy moments, so when one day the time is up, this chapter could be the best in your whole life...THE BEST, without any dark footnote.

      The life begins where the comfort zone ends!

      Now just begun, please enjoy it :)

      Yours sincerely,
      (constant ear pain, H and severe T, age 26)
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