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Apr 5, 2018
Oct 6, 2016
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Washington State, USA

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Member, Male, from Washington State, USA

This Sunday is my 1 year anniversary with T. I wish divorce was an option. T has not improved, only my ability to deal with it has. Cheers. Jul 6, 2017

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Apr 5, 2018
    1. Llouiseandhector
      I have the ear fulliness everyday ato the moment. The one ent said it will go in its own time just deal with it the 2nd I saw was basically like I don't know but has reffered me to someone who deals with hearing and balance and I have had mri and mra and all is normal
    2. Llouiseandhector
      I'm gladoing you are doing better ? Do you want the started the problems for you? My tinnitus isn't to bad thankfully at night maybe I hear it but it doesn't keep me awake like it was at first for me it's the ear fullness that is annoying and distressing. I have booked in to see another ent on Friday this will be the 3rd I'm paying private again but I need help with it
      1. BLane
        I've yet to read a story where an ENT actually helps someone with these conditions. Finger's crossed that it goes better for you. I think mine was brought on by a combo of hearing loss and stress.
        Sep 27, 2017
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    3. Llouiseandhector
      How are you feeling ? I read your post about h and t and also about ear fullNess do you still suffering from this has I have bad ear fullness which is worrying
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      2. BLane
        I'm alright, how about you? H went away a few months after initial onset. T has reduced slightly, still loud but not vibratory anymore. It can annoy me, but doesn't cause distress like it used to. I do still get fullness in my ears a couple times a week, can be painful. Thanks for asking. =)
        Sep 26, 2017
    4. BLane
      This Sunday is my 1 year anniversary with T. I wish divorce was an option. T has not improved, only my ability to deal with it has. Cheers.
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    5. BLane
      Spent a long weekend in a rustic cabin. T went ballistic. Returned to work and routine, T back down to the normal tortuous level. Sad. =(
      1. just1morething
        :( I know what you mean.
        May 14, 2017
    6. BLane
      FInally a good ear day. It's been a while.
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    7. BLane
      Day two of this spike registering on the Richter scale. Habituation goes right out the window when it's this severe. Uugh.
      1. just1morething
        I agree. We need better meds for the spikes. Or another solution?
        Mar 28, 2017
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